Magness Farm, located in northern Harford County, is a family owned and operated dairy and grain farm. We milk Holstein dairy cattle and raise a variety of crops such as corn, soybeans, canola, sunflower, and alfalfa.

In 2011 we purchased equipment that can squeeze or, “press” oil from the seeds of some of our crops.

The oils are very unique in flavor and appearance as well as being locally grown and produced.

We are very proud of our oils and are excited to share them with our customers.

About Our Oils

– Our process uses mechanical force to squeed the oil from the seed. In comarison, most store bought oils are chemicals at a high temperature.

– During pressing our oils do not exceed 140 degrees F, which we call “Cold pressed.” This preserves the natural flavors and color. Most store bought oils have been chemically bleached to a clear color with no flavor.

-The entire process of growing, harvesting, processing and bottling all takes place on our farm in White Hall,  MD.